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Here are a few bite-sized stories:

  • I’m Not Really Like That, Am I?
      This either makes you laugh or pause to think. Like it or not, rat’s comment from the comic strip Pearls Before Swine sums up some percentage of thinking about cyclists. How do we change this perception?
  • How a Family Rides
      Last October, during the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show in Bend, I asked Metrofiets builders why their cargo bikes were so popular in Portland, but not in Central Oregon. They felt that Bend was just a little behind the curve, but could easily catch up. Watch this video and you’ll how some families choose to roll.

      Shameless advertising plug: Want to test drive an electric cargo bike? Try Bend Electric Bikes.

  • If we Ice Crit, Why Not Bike SuperG on Snow?
      Central Oregon’s annual Ice Crit is scheduled for the 25th at the Wanoga SnoPark. But, just maybe, we need to get more radical in our thinking if we’re to cement our bike-liness in the region. Something like a bike race down a glacier perhaps? The winner’s top speed in this snowy race: over 80 mph.

  • Road Diets: Does This Single Lane Make Me Look Fat?
      Hard not to wonder if ODOT had put US Highway 97 on a road diet a few years ago, maybe Robert Hunt wouldn’t have been killed crossing it in 2010. In a BTA blog post, FHWA Associate Administrator for Safety Tony Furst talks about roads and road diets as it relates to safety.
  • More Roving Bodegas for Central Oregon
      Via email, James Watts of CyclePub wrote:

      “I just got a couple of new contraptions in that we’ll be unveiling shortly, and have one more on the way. Adding to the fleet here in Bend, and hoping to place an entirely new bike in Sunriver if I can get approval from the powers that be. Stay tuned!”



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