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by Lucas Freeman on October 21, 2012 | Leave a Comment

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Sharrow in Redmond | Photo © Lucas Freeman

Now in the early planning phases, a small group of organizers is exploring what it would take to get a bicycle advocacy group off the ground in Bend. Initially being positioned as an urban version of COTA (Central Oregon Trail Alliance – which has succeeded in growing and advocating for mountain biking in the region), the group aims to get people on bikes for more than just recreation.

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One key decision the group faces: what to call itself. Here are their top five ideas.

  • Bend Bicycle Coalition
  • Bend Urban Biking Experience
  • Bend Urban Cyclist Coalition
  • Bend Urban Bike Advocates/ Alliance
  • Bend Bicycle Commuters

Which would you vote for? Or, can you think of a better name? No fair getting your aunt from Cucamonga to vote for your favorite.

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Vince October 24, 2012

Bend on Bikes (BOB)?
Also like Bend Bicycle Coalition or Bend Biking Experience

This is a great movement. There is a similar new(ish) group in Asheville, NC called Asheville on Bikes. Might be worth talking to them as well to get some advise, thoughts, challenges… How can we get involved to help?


Kate October 25, 2012

Or Bike in Bend (BIB) Team name: The Bib Shorts! Hahaha… umm, or not. :)

Seriously though, I like gw’s Bend Area Bicycle Experience (BABE) that acronym is the catchiest so far plus the name itself is all-encompassing.

Pam Stevenson October 23, 2012

Thank you for starting this group! Bend badly needs an advocacy group for cycling around town and the area. Officials want to tout this as a bike mecca for the tourism and economic benefits that would bring, but the sorry truth is that our city and transportation planning SUCK in regards to making this an attractive place for road cycling or commuting. Just look at the chip seal, look at the lack of curbcuts and bike paths, look at the the lack of good east-west or north-south routes through town, etc. Great cities understand the value of bicycle friendly design and invest in it.

I am fully supportive of your mission but I also think it should be more inclusive than “commuters” or “urban”. So I guess Id’ vote for Bend Bicycle Coalition, or, making a stab at a catchy acronym, BOB, i.e. “Bend on Bikes”. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

gw October 22, 2012

It needs to make an acronym to remember or use for shorthand. Ideas: Cycling Urban Bend (CUB) Bend Area Cycling Habit (BACH) or Bend Area Bicycle Experience (BABE) – nod to Tina for the word Experience.

Bike Bend October 22, 2012

I’m liking Bend Bicycle Coalition or a new one: Bend Urban Bicycle Alliance.

Whit – I’m thinking that Bend has lots of racing advocates, mountain biking organizations and shuttle services, bike shops and breweries that sponsor racers and recreational road riders but there’s no bicycling organization like Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance and other organizations in other towns that advocate for the safe and efficient in-town use of bikes for errands, commuting to work, visiting friends and pubs or just riding to the park. While Bend has a reasonable urban bicycling infrastructure it could be improved quite a bit. Just look at Bear Creek Road and Reed Mkt Rd on the east side – essentially no shoulders, let alone bike lanes (and this is in the City). I could go on but if there’s millions of dollars to build new roundabouts there must be a few thousand to paint sharrows, eh?

Bryan Castleberry October 22, 2012

“Bend Bicycle Coalition” seems to be all inclusive and simple.

Tina Frickey October 22, 2012

I really like”Bend Urban Biking Experience.” It invites people to get involved and experience what all there is to offer, as far as biking in Bend, which we know there are plenty of. :)

Whit Bazemore October 21, 2012

This is great. Something like this is most definitely needed. But why limit it to just commuters and urban cycling? Why not include ALL road cyclists? After all, there are way more competitive, serious recreational, and even part time recreational road cyclists in Bend (just look at the Tour DesChutes for proof) than there are commuters. Road cycling as a whole could use a strong, organized, and unified voice. All in all, I thought our little town was pretty decent as far as cycling infrastructure, and it is for most of us, until I started riding my four and seven year old kids to school. We fail big time. For example, take Mt Washington. The sidewalks end abruptly, change sides of the street (so you have to cross the street just before the crest of a blind hill – out of the question dangerous. The medians force drivers to squeeze the bike lanes, construction trucks can not even go around some of the curves without the trailer wheels crossing over into the bike lane. Crazy dangerous and completely unnecessary, but reality because of poor design and a lack of consideration for all road users. Then there are the deep storm drains which can easily cause a four year old, a seven year old, and even an inexperienced adult newby, to lose control and crash into the line of traffic. Safe Routes To School Program? …I don’t think Bend is a member of that club. So yes, we do need a strong voice in front of the city AND county. Let’s include everyone and make it happen!
Whit Bezemore

Brian Potwin October 23, 2012


Commute Options has been delivering Safe Routes to School in Central Oregon for the last eight years. We are working with nine elementary and middle schools. Our schools are in the beginning stages of adopting the education and encouragement piece of the program internally for a sustainable and lasting future. Would you like to volunteer? SRTS has multiple opportunities through out the year. For more information contact: brian@commuteoptions.org


Whit Bazemore October 29, 2012

Hey Brian, I would love to volunteer! Please email me at Whit@ridecyclingtours.com with the proper info. THanks,

Brian Potwin October 31, 2012

Excellent! I will shoot you an email. Cheers, Brian

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